“It was evident that from our first meeting that it would be a pleasure working with you. I wanted to showcase my newly purchased home, you had great suggestions concerning the layout, and food choices that would be tasty and festive. You provided me with a piece of mind, allowing me for the first time ever to fully enjoy my company without having to worry about all the details. Your staff were professional, polite and most of all pleasant. Their effectiveness was evident, they kept things clean at all times without ever bothering any of our guests. When I went to my kitchen this morning I could not believe my eyes, the kitchen was immaculate. To know the amount of food that was prepared from the same kitchen the night before, your staff went above and beyond to get my home back in order. The tables and chairs that we moved around to accommodate our guests were put back into place without even noticing that you did so. I truly thank you for your attention to detail.
I don’t know how you stay so calm with so many things happening at the same time. You are simply amazing and I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a quality catered experience.”

Drew J. Pfirrman Senior Deputy General Counsel PNC Bank Sewickley, PA

“Chef Mark has the culinary expertise, fresh approach for menu ideas, interpersonal skills and dedication to help plan a memorable meal. The incredibly delicious food was nothing short of ‘Heavenly’.”

Sherry Norris Rosslyn Farms