“Chef Loveland has a passion for his craft. What sets him apart from others in his industry is his ability to bring together creativity and fresh foods to create a unique experience. Chef Mark has a distinctive approach in taking the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish, then through the avenue of cuisine, takes you on a palate pleasing, eye appealing rollercoaster ride in a culinary wonderland.”

James R. Greno Jr. Vice President of Business Operations Freedom Financial Corporation Wexford, PA

“On September 30, 2011 the Leach Agency celebrated two longtime, key employees’ milestones. We were skeptical about location, food preferences, and budget. Chef Mark made the trip to New Bethlehem
to assist in the all-important decisions. After his visit, we decided to host the event at the owner’s home, utilizing their fully-equipped kitchen for final preparation. There was no choosing from a pre-set menu. Chef Mark customized a five course meal based on the hour that we spent together. In that time he got to understand our preferences, budget, and the flow of the evening. Chef Mark and his staff exceeded our expectations. The food was incredible, the presentation, breathtaking and the staff was professional and moved seamlessly throughout the entire event. There were rave reviews by the employees, especially those being honored. What a great, unique experience.”

Lisa Goth, President of Charles Leach New Bethlehem, PA